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Obviously a welcome message but also a description of what this forum is about. Also a few tips about using the forum and associated pages.

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Postby NeillHog on Mon Dec 22, 2008 6:07 pm

Welcome to The Systems Place.

Arriving here – your first question is probably “what is this forum about?”
A good question with a complicated answer. Obviously it is about sytems thinking (you probably guessed that from the name) and systems practices but that only leads on to the question "What is systems thinking?"
To try and begin to answer that question, here is a quote from Andrea Berardi

I would say that systems thinking/a systems approach is about:
1 looking first at the "big picture"/environment when engaging with a complex/messy situation before narrowing down on the "causes" and "solutions" of the problem (i.e. setting boundaries);
2. Valuing multiple perspectives (different cognitive styles, intelligences, etc) while at the same time being aware of those in positions of power who will always work to maintain their position (identifying the positive and negative feedback loops in operation that will prevent/enable your system to work);
3. Establishing an optimizing, often subversive, "learning cycle" for working through complex/messy situations.

A “mind map” of the Systems Place can be viewed by clicking on this diagram

For more permanent information we have a Wiki at

Adding attachments
Systems without diagrams would be like ... a bike with no wheels?
Therefore we have activated the ability to upload attachments.
The maximum file size is set to 256KB which is more than enough for a diagram.
There is no point posting an image a lot wider than 600 pixels as it won't fit on some screens.
Please save your images as a jpg (with compression) or a png (also compressed).
If you are not sure how to go about resizing or compressing your images then post here and we will try to help.

Inserting mindmaps
Sometimes a mindmap says more than words alone.
You can create on line mindmaps at
A thumbnail of your map and a link to it can be embedded in your posting with the following code:
Code: Select all

(remember to change the two numbers in that code to point to the number of your mindmap.)
Whether others can edit your map is dependent on the options you set for it at
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