Custom smiles

Obviously a welcome message but also a description of what this forum is about. Also a few tips about using the forum and associated pages.

Custom smiles

Postby Neill on Mon Oct 20, 2008 6:52 pm

Anne wrote:
Thank you :D and even custom smilies, what more could we ask for. I look forward to preparing for T306 .....
Best wishes
Anne :D

I think I need to be absolutely honest here.
This board runs on an open source php/mySql programme called phpBB.
All I did was find some one willing to donate web space, set it up and tune the bits.

The result is that some things you request (those already implemented) are really easy while
some things (those not implemented) are a real headache.

Until a real phpBB expert comes along and offers help you will have to accept the things you like and wait for some of the things you want.
I am glad the smileys were already there and every one likes them.
Neill Hogarth
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