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Systems seems to revolve around diagramming so this forum is designed to allow us to discuss this.

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Postby Karen on Wed Oct 14, 2009 4:47 pm


Thanks for the clarification,

On diagrams, I agree with Neill. Prior to T214 ii was a confirmed verbal modeller but since i have found diagrams to be really useful at work however i would not often be able to name the type of diagram i have done, but they always help not only to understand the situation but also to share the ideas and explain things.

Only few more days of convention and then we can get on with it our own way!


PS: Andrea, has there been any further progress on getting T214 as an optional course in the leadership degree? I'm not doing that now as i wasnt prepared to take my distinction down to a 30 level 1 equivalent but interested to know the outcome. Another student from T214 has finally won a huge battle to have it included in her degree but tht was more engneering i think. Seems odd to have T306 but OU consider T214 'not relevant'
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