Beyond Connecting the Dots - an interactive ebook

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Beyond Connecting the Dots - an interactive ebook

Postby Selwyn157 on Sat Mar 09, 2013 12:03 am

Hi I found this on my linked in systems forums, it invites contributions from as little as $1 - a little different in that this is a work in progress, Check it out - only 20 days for the target to be hit though - regards Selwyn
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The First Interactive Systems Thinking Book

Scott Fortmann-Roe and Gene Bellinger are working on an innovative new project: Beyond Connecting the Dots. The project will develop an extensive and accessible book on Systems Thinking and System Dynamics. With topics ranging from introductory and conceptual ideas all the way to highly technical modeling details, it will be suitable for beginners as well as advanced readers, especially those who want to develop their skills further.

An especially exciting part of the project is the exciting technology we developed to enable the eBook version to be a "living" book. Models and exercises discussed in the book will be embedded directly in the eBook allowing you to experiment with the models on the exact same page where you read about them.

We're really excited by this technology. You can check out a video demo of the technology at: ... g-the-dots

We're taking a new approach to making this project a reality. Rather than looking for a traditional publisher, we're using crowd-funding to directly gauge people's interest in it.

So please check out the Kickstarter site and consider backing the project if you think it would be useful to you and others: ... g-the-dots

If you know others that might consider this project worthy of their support please forward them this message. Looks like this is going to be a nail biter right down to the wire.

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