The Systems Practice book

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The Systems Practice book

Postby jsp_1983 on Sun Feb 02, 2014 2:54 pm

Sooooo... I cannot begin to 'explicate' the anger and frustration that this book has caused in me, to the point of wanting to abandon study altogether. So many different ideas and emotions - presumably the type not intended by Ison - that I'm struggling to comprehend them, let alone the book itself. At the very least, it was a mistake to commission this book as part of the module, IMO. Of course, the line that will be trotted out is "oooh, but the book is meant to do that" - TU812 is not the time or place to do that, particularly as part of something that is assessed in such a systematic programme of study.
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Re: The Systems Practice book

Postby Karen on Wed Feb 12, 2014 10:41 pm

Agree with you. Sooo frustrating. The OU books said 'go and read chapter 10' and that started with something like 'as I described in the previous chapter' which was no help at all! Then the OU stance was that the book wasn't meant to be read from start to finish - if not why was it written that way? I think they were trying to be clever and prove some point against systematic reading of it but it didn't work by a long way.

So glad to be rid of it, quite like Blackmore's Social Learning book but that might just be relative to Ison's!
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