Internet speeds

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Internet speeds

Postby Neill on Fri Nov 19, 2010 2:31 pm

I brought this discussion over here because it fits better.

Jim wrote
Sorry if that sounded accusational.

No problem. We only learn from our mistakes if we know about them.

The delivered performance always seemes surprisingly slow for a file of given MB as it is being transferred at Mbps.

I have a 20 Mbit/s connection and can download 100MB in about 1 minute.
I consider that quite fast. Obviously it does not compare with a download from the local server but it is fast enough.

Add in contention

Apparently in the UK 1:20 - 1:50 contention is normal.
I suggest (based on privileged knowledge) that 1:50 based on enough users >500 and a good residential, business mix should not be a problem.
Are you sure that the bad speeds are not due to the distance of copper involved?
Do you get the full speed at 05:00 in the morning? If not then it is the lines that are slowing things down.


and it's an area that the advertiing standards council has singularly failed to regualte properly. (speeds advertised as being 'up to...', IE meaningless).
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