on being an OU student...

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Re: on being an OU student...

Postby Teiana on Fri Aug 19, 2011 12:34 pm

sort of catchup instructions so they don't miss out on the real 'student' experience?

Dear Student,
As you are studying from home we'd like to send you a list of things which you may have missed out on as a result of not living on campus. We are sure once you have ticked off everything on the list, you will feel more like you have had the full student experience. Don't forget you are entitled to all aspects of being a student.

By this stage in your course you should expect to have completed the following:

1) lock yourself out of your lodgings in the middle of the night, and have to walk round to a friends house and throw stones at the window to wake them, then wait there til your residence agent's office is open.

2) throw up some unremembered alcoholic drink on a vital piece of coursework.

3) wake up somewhere you can't remember getting to, and have an argument with a complete stranger.

4) fall out with at least one of your parents

5) lie about where you were last night

6) survive for three weeks eating nothing but cornflakes and free food obtained by getting scratchcards from McDonalds.

7) find somewhere you're supposed to be, then turn up there looking sheepish :
a) an hour late
b) a day late

8) pile all your supermarket shopping on the counter then find out you haven't any money, and your credit card isn't being accepted.

9) obtain one of the following:
a) a stalker
b) someone who wants to be your friend solely because they want you to help them cheat at their coursework
c) someone who will help you cheat at your coursework
d) a court order
e) a warning letter about something from the administrators
f) an eviction notice
g) a bank statement telling you the overdraft is overdrawn.

10) get barred from either
a) the library
b) a public place or building
c) the halls of residence

We'll be sending more suggestions next month to keep you up to speed! Look forward to having the environmental health officer condemn your flat! Enjoy your studies!
H.R.H. 8-)
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Re: on being an OU student...

Postby jim_lewis1 on Fri Aug 19, 2011 1:51 pm

more or less covers it. I'm glad you get the idea.
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Re: on being an OU student...

Postby Andrea on Mon Aug 22, 2011 4:16 pm

Teiana wrote:By this stage in your course you should expect to have completed the following:

If I could humbly chip in:

11) sleep on the university's lab bench for three months in order to avoid debt collection agencies;

12) participate in the "early birds" 6am swimming at the students union so that you can get yourself a hot shower;

13) realise that you actually didn't really want to study "X" and that you've wasted two years of your life
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