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Re: T214 2010 presentation results -- amazing!!

Postby Andrea on Tue Dec 14, 2010 4:03 pm

Neill wrote:I know you have a lot on but maybe this is something you could delegate.

yes, things are quite frantic at the moment, but for once in my life, I'm ahead of schedule :-). With regards to delegation, I seem to be the only one absolutely obsessed with analysing TMA/ECA statistics amongst other sources of quantitative information. I've got all the data you guys are talking about, and more. I can compare individual TMA submission/scores with VLE use statistics and with the performance of individual tutors (I now have data spanning all T214 presentations so I am even able to pick up trends with particular tutors - there are two or three tutors that are absolutely astounding in how well they support their students -- this shows in both retention and in marks). There are some fascinating results, for example, the marked difference between male and female students in terms of meeting TMA submission deadlines (blokes have significantly better scores), grades ( ladies do much better in some blocks), etc..

Of course, having all this information doesn't actually mean that I can intervene in all areas, especially because I'm not in charge of T214. My particular turf is Block 2 - which has evolved considerably over the last three years.

However, by openly discussing situations here, maybe some information can trickle down to the relevant individuals.... there is a limit though. Once or twice I have overstepped the boundary on Systemsplace and I was asked to remove some information (luckily I can still go back to older posts and edit my entries ;) ).
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