Green ICT to cut the deficit?

I guess the name speaks for its self.

Green ICT to cut the deficit?

Postby Andrea on Thu Jul 01, 2010 4:15 pm

I was just reading the introduction to the "government ICT goes Green 2010" conference (copied below), and was wondering whether this was going to be yet another simplistic "techno-fix" to a wicked problem or is there something in it (environmentalist desperately clutching at straws here)? Just wondering, considered the various case studies we have used in the OU's systems teachings with regards to the failure and cost overruns of government information system projects......

The new coalition government has announced details of £6.2 billion of savings from Government spending in 2010-11 to tackle the unprecedented £156 billion deficit, while still protecting the quality of key frontline services. The savings will be driven by the new Efficiency and Reform Group, whose board will be chaired jointly by the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander, and the Minister for the Cabinet Office and Paymaster General, Francis Maude. It will have the power to make sure department’s works together to tackle waste and improve accountability across a range of areas, including ICT spend.

The link between reduction in emissions and reduction in operational costs is one that has particular resonance during these strained economic times. It is therefore vital that the public sector has a better understanding of what green ICT means and how it can enable efficiency and budgetary savings during this period of economic prudence.

Government ICT Goes Green 2010 will bring together key speakers, from both central and local government, to examine the move towards a greener ICT estate, and the financial and operational efficiency implications of ensuring that green thinking is at the heart of your organisation’s business operations. [ ]
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