Beware of experts: BBC item

I guess the name speaks for its self.

Beware of experts: BBC item

Postby jim_lewis1 on Sun Dec 11, 2011 9:37 am

I thought this would resonate!
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Re: Beware of experts: BBC item

Postby Teiana on Sun Dec 11, 2011 10:50 am

i wonder if a survey was done what the result might be, if there was a comparison between

the reality of how decisions are made
people's opinion/expectation of how decisions are made

over all branches of topics.

see i think most people probably have the idea* that decisions are made either by

1) a significant, democratically elected individual (eg, the prime minister), after much advice and deliberation and whilst they are sober, wide-awake, and fully concentrating on the matter in hand. (and that having made the decision such person is 100% committed to it).

2) groups of experts (where a group is probably a number of people higher than 10, but more likely, 50, 60, 200....) who have all reached the same conclusion and are also, all of sound mind, sober, awake, etc...

and that in both cases the decision makers are acting in the best interests of the widest group of people possible..

(or even if most people don't believe this to be true, they want to believe it..)

and i think the reality is way different... and that decisions are made in all kinds of unlikely situations, and then they just filter through the system gaining weight like a snowball gains snow,

i know for a start that some decisions get made by individuals (in commercial rather than political situations but i assume it is the same in both) who are sitting around in a dressing gown at home ( or even lying in the bath at the time) rather than groups of people in suits in offices..

The thing is, it's not that the decisions will be better or worse ( some may be a lot better) when made by individuals or in odd situations, but i think people overall ought to know the truth of how it works. And if a big decision is made then it ought to be labelled - who made it, what the circumstances were at the time, etc.

if the pm has an idea at 4 in the morning in the lift on the way back to his hotel room after a tequila session, and that ends up committing us to something, we ought to know that that is what happened. We oughtn't to be made to believe it was different.
H.R.H. 8-)
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