Donald Michael (2010) In Search of the Missing Elephant

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Donald Michael (2010) In Search of the Missing Elephant

Postby Andrea on Wed May 26, 2010 12:22 pm

A couple of new books currently out from Triarchy Press ( ). currently reading the "freebie" from Donald Michael's "In Search of the Missing Elephant" ( ... ephant.htm ), and I was struck by the following:

The pronouncements of experts are useful, when thinking
about the future, not because their information is based on
esoteric and valid knowledge about social change, though
that occasionally may be so (but how is one to know?),
but because, by virtue of the authority with which they
are endowed, i.e. as experts, they are able to influence the
definition of social reality others hold. Their expertness
resides not in a prescience their logic engenders but in the
“psychologic” that logic activates: the authority of logic and,
therefore, of the expert as a practitioner of logic, is what
carries weight. This source of authority legitimizes the
stories they tell. But the source also tends to subvert the
storytellers’ own recognition that they are telling stories.
Their own belief in their authority, i.e. the authority of
logic, leads them to believe they are doing something very
different from “merely” telling stories.
esse sequitur operari
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