Gleick, J., (2012) The information

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Gleick, J., (2012) The information

Postby Teiana on Mon Jul 30, 2012 9:25 pm ... n/8649599/

Best book i have read in ages, and i have been reading it a little while but holding off reviewing it because i was worried about not doing it justice, but i give up, i will never manage it. It's just like food.
I look forward to picking it up again and reading the next bit. It's so full of interesting things that give context to things i have learned... i wish i had had this book when i was a teenager since then i might have done better at school. Sorry this sounds like an utterly lame explanation of the book. So far i have learned about the history of dictionaries, and some fascinating stuff about charles babbage...

I might manage to come back and explain it better at some point but since waterstones are selling it for a mere £5.95 with free delivery you could just find out for yourselves. Absolutely promise if you buy this book and don't love it i shall buy it back off you...

well i might not, but i am *that* confident you'll like it. i think it is a useful addition to a systems-persons library.
H.R.H. 8-)
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